How to Stop Your Computer Wasting Electricity

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How to Stop Your Computer Wasting ElectricityI regularly use Skype to keep in touch with my friends and family. Recently I noticed that almost all of my contacts never pickup Skype calls, but then if I ring their phone they answer. This means that their computers are being left on, even though they are not using them. When you consider that most computers use typically 70-200 Watts of power across the nation the accumulative waste of electricity must be monumental.

Most people would say that that the amount of electricity is minimal – it’s about the same as 2 or 3 light bulbs. The same could be said for other appliances left on standby, such as DVD players, TVs, and phone chargers. I recently heard a report that 2/3 of all the electricity consumed by mobile phones from the chargers being left plugged in 24 hours a day. It seems crazy that our appliance require so much energy even when they are not doing anything useful. Some would say it is the manufacturers’ fault for not incorporating some sort of intelligent auto power off feature. I personally believe that

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How to Protect Data on Your Computer

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How to Protect Data on Your ComputerBelow is a list of things to consider and think about in order to protect the data on your computer.

1. First ask yourself what it is you want to protect. Generally speaking, and for most people, it will be their data on the hard drive (or the virtual file cabinet of stored information). Some people have years of family and vacation photographs, tax records, banking information, or important papers, etc.

The second question is what level of safety should you implement (which goes back to what it is you want to protect and HOW important it is). There are a number of data loss possibilities, which include: hard drive failure, viruses, hackers, burglary, fires, kids erasing information, electrical surges, etc.

Based on these two important questions, we’ll cover some options to consider.

2. Preserve and Protect: There’s a variety of avenues to take depending on what it is you want to protect. For digital photos, you can simply write or burn them to a CD/DVD and store them elsewhere. This is cheap and easy, but it takes effort and

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Power Supply Unit

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Power Supply UnitAn important component of the computer is the Power Supply Unit (PSU). An electric power serves to convert AC current from your wall outlet into DC current home as necessary components of your computer. This device is located at the end of the PC casing and can be seen from the back of the PC because it has a hole on AC power and fan for cooling.

Type of voltage generated by power supply was 3.3 volts. 5 volts and 12 volts. 12 Volt used to run the motor on the fan and disk drive, while the voltage from 3.3 to 5 volts used by digital circuits.

An electric power source provides power to all devices on the PC. This tool is an item that tends to damage. The damage is usually due to excessive load. The system is not well grounded. Voltage is not stable and other causes.

One way to keep the gadget is still functioning properly is to clean it regularly. Remove dust on the gadget fan, or replace the fan if it has been damaged. Dust on the gadget fan can

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Is it Dangerous to Use Your Computer During a Thunderstorm

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You should always unplug the computer during a thunderstorm due to the danger of lightening running in and frying it.

Even having the computer hooked into a cable network can be dangerous, because lightening can come in on that circuit and harm your computer. Lightening can come in through any electrical device that you use including computers, and harm you if you are using it.

Experts are in a quandary about this subject. Some computer experts say that if you have a surge protector that you are perfectly safe. Others disagree, and tell you to unplug your computer while it is storming.

One person has testified to the fact of lightening coming in on their computer and the screen exploded. Others have reported getting shocked while on the computer during a storm with lightening. A really good surge protector is said to be the best safety feature to have to prevent the possibility of this happening.

Most people admit to turning their computers off during a thunderstorm with a lot of lightening, just to assure not having any damage done to their computers. There are many suggestions on this subject on the internet, if


Steps To An Easy Computer Upgrade

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Most people when upgrading their PCs generally have no idea what to do at first, unless they’re specifically tech savvy.

  1. Research – First check your computer’s specs and figure out what you need to upgrade. Try to find out what will benefit you and your computer the most. Then check on computer hardware websites like and Most websites usually have a system upgrade menu that will tell you the exact model(s) that is compatible with your system.
  2. Compare – Next you need to compare the different model options and performance specs depending on what you want to upgrade. Be sure to check out product reviews so you’ll know what to expect, and if anything has certain manufacturer defects such as a high DOA (dead on arrival) rate.
  3. Price vs. Performance – Another thing you need to do is make sure the price matches the performance that you’re going to get from your upgrade. A good way to do this is by looking at website reviews, because they show benchmarking results with different systems, and test the components under specific conditions. So far the best website I’ve seen for this is job is Tom’s Hardware ( They have

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Why Buy Expensive Servers When There Is Cloud Computing

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Contrary to popular opinion Cloud Computing is NOT just a new computer architecture – it’s much more than that.

It is a new computer architecture and a new business model. It is the combination of the 2 that allows you easy access to computer resources when you need them, paying only for what you use.

Cloud Computing Is Akin to the Development of Electric Utilities

An analogy that is sometimes drawn is with the development of electricity. In the early days of electricity there were no electrical utility companies. There was no concept of the electrical grid with a third party generating the electricity and then selling it on to a large number of clients. If you wanted electricity you had to make it yourself. Factories requiring electricity had to install and operate their own electrical generators. This required significant amounts of capital and operating expertise. Then people started to build generators big enough to serve multiple factories and start to sell it. All the factory owner had to do was plug into the service and pay for what they used.

Reduced Capital Requirements And Lower Fixed Costs

The factories reduced their capital


Dont Let This Happen to You Home Computer Electrical Damage

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If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know that I am always coming up with great ideas, tips and even a couple of stories that can save homeowners lots of money. Here’s another one of those stories, that involves a friend of mine who asked me if I could fix his outdoor electrical outlet.

I was over at his house one day, and told him that I could probably fix the electrical outlet and if we needed any parts, we could run down to the lumber yard and pick them up and his problem would be solved within a few hours. This two hour repair was about to cost him the hard drive on his computer, but neither one of us had any idea what was about to happen.

We each agreed to give it a shot, I told him to go over to the electrical panel and turn off the breaker that went to his outdoor shed. He proceeded to turn off the breaker and yelled out,” It’s off, try it.” I plugged in an electric drill and it was still working, as he was walking around the corner, towards me, I showed


Common Problems When Your Computer Stops Working

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For most computer users when the unit just stops working they think the worst has happened and it’s time to buy a new computer. So you seek out a computer expert that may be able to help you select a new one. Do not go buy one first thing there are simple tests you can do that could save you from spending money just yet.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the power is on. No I am not kidding some computer users plug the unit into a power strip. Later they find out that they or someone has hit the switch on the power strip to off. This happens a lot in the computer users in office that run short on electrical outlets and power supplies.

Now if you do not have power and the power strip is on then you will need to check the electrical panel yourself or have a maintenance worker do that for you. Even though the lights are on the electrical outlets may be on a separate circuit.

If you are using an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) it may be dead from the electricity

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Green Computing How You Can Make a Difference

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What is Green Computing?

Global warming and environmental change have become big issues with governments, corporations and your average Joe alike all seeking out new ways to green up their daily activities. Computers certainly make up a large part of many peoples lives and traditionally are extremely damaging to the environment, which begs the question: What is Green Computing?

Green Computing is the study and practice of minimising the environmental impact of computers through efficient: manufacturing, use, and disposal.

Problems of Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is an increasing problem globally due to the quick obsolescence of electronics, which make up a staggering 70% of all hazardous waste. Computer waste is high in many toxic materials such as heavy metals and flame-retardant plastics, which easily leach into ground water and bio-accumulate. In addition, chip manufacturing uses some of the deadliest gases and chemicals known to man and requires huge amounts of resources.

In an average year 24 million computers in the United States become obsolete. Only about 14% (or 3.3 million) of these will be recycled or donated. The rest – more than 20 million computers in the U.S. — will be dumped, incinerated,

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How to Choose The Right Electricity Monitor

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Many products on the market these days can monitor your electricity consumption and save money on your power bills. The tough question is which one will work the best for you. While monitors do not save energy, they give you the knowledge of what you are using and what appliances are wasting electricity while turned off. When looking at devices that measure the electricity (electricity monitors) there are three main types: whole house meters, circuit meters, and plug meters. Any way you go, the first step in saving energy is finding out what you are spending and where you are spending it. Knowledge is power and knowledge is savings.

When deciding on which type of electricity monitor to use you should first determine what you want to focus on. If you are just looking at overall energy costs then a whole house meter is the smart choice. If you are renovating or are renting a space with a low number of circuits then a circuit meter will work best. If you are interested in saving money on your energy bill by finding what appliances are wasting the most or trying to determine if it is cost effective

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Safety Tips to Building a Computer

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There are some important precautions you should take into account when building a computer to ensure the safety of you and your computer parts. This article gives you some helpful tips on building your computer in the safest way possible.

Stay Safe With Electricity

Electricity is an important issue to consider with dangerous implications for those who ignore it. When building your computer, be 100% sure that the power supply is disconnected from the mains. Also make sure that all network cables and telephone lines are disconnected from the computer.

Another electricity safety tip is to only turn the power on to your computer when the case cover is on. Don’t ever work on the inside of your computer with the power plugged in and turned on.

Be Aware of Static Electricity

Static electricity is a real hazard than can cause significant damage to your computer components. To prevent this from happening, follow these simple tips:

– Always wear an antistatic wrist band when building your computer.

– Keep sensitive components in the antistatic bags that they came with, and only remove them from the bag when you are ready to


How Can Electrical Problems Affect Networks

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Electrical problems can occur quickly and normally without warning.

What are the kinds of problems that can occur?

* Crosstalk

* Noise

* Static

* Transients


Crosstalk occurs when two wires or cables are close enough so that the magnetic field each generates are to close together. This can interfere with transmissions and can even result in data loss or corruption.

How can you prevent crosstalk?

1. Increase the distance between cables.

2. Provide adequate shielding. Be sure to use shielded twisted-pair cables. Fiber optic cable is bar far the best. Is uses light rather than electricity as a medium to transmit information. Since no magnetic field is generated there is now interference. The problem with this method is it is expensive and can be difficult to install.


This any low-voltage, low-current, high frequency signal that causes interference with normal network transmission. You will need an Oscilloscope to test for this.

Two types of Noise related to networks are:

1. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is generated by sources such as lights, engines, industrial tools and radar.

2. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is

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How to Solve Common Electrical Problems

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Isn’t it nice to live in a house so peaceful and problem-free? But there is a problem–nothing is perfect. Even the most beautiful and the biggest house in the world experiences problems, too. Worse, these problems may not just be simple house problems; some of these might just cause problems for other people as well. Take electrical problems, for example. Damaged computers, fire, and death might happen only because of a common electrical problem. Fortunately, you can always do something to prevent electrical problems. Knowing what the common electrical problems are and how to solve them can go a long way.

Common Electrical Problem # 1: Surges and Spikes

Surges and spikes are among the common electrical problems. Surges are long bursts caused by additional voltage. Spikes, while they are electrical bursts, are caused by too much voltage. And unlike surges, spikes are a bit shorter. The voltage that causes surges and spikes are usually a result of accidents or storms. These might destroy your appliances either instantly or deliberately over time. TVs, computers, VCRs, stereo systems, electronic video games, microwave ovens, and answering machines are the most susceptible to surges and spikes. You can prevent

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Solar Power for Notebook and Laptop Computers

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This may seem incredible and impossible to do, but many computer technophiles are going “green” when they travel with a laptop in tow these days. If you are familiar with “extreme” or remote computing this may not seem too far fetched. Let’s not forget that many professionals enjoy rugged recreational activities, but just can’t always leave the office behind.

The idea of solar power for remote computing is finally catching on. It is working for everyone from the cross-country cyclist and weekend camper, to regular working stiffs that have to rough it on the job.

Solar power is not just a possibility, but could be a necessity for those that go remote. Solar panels are used to collect solar energy for direct use or storage in batteries to power up later.

Here is how solar, or photovoltaic energy is realized from the “How Stuff Works” website. If you are not an electrical engineer or scientist of some sort, don’t be surprised if this does make light bulbs go off in your head. You can always come back and do further research on the Internet.

“The solar cells that you see on calculators and satellites

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Get PC Energy Guard To Conserve Electricity

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A computer can be regarded as one of the fastest developing electric loads worldwide, but still most of the energy used up by your PC will be wasted. A primary reason for this is because computers are frequently maintained in 100 % power mode even when they are not in use. Research has shown that an average, computers are being actively used for fifty percent of the time that it is on throughout the day. As a result you need to get PC Energy Guard to save electricity.

This is the most effective and affordable way to lower energy consumption. Setting the PC energy saver to automatically switch off the computer late at nights and weekends could save up to $100 and a huge amount of carbon dioxide each year for every unit.

You don’t have to worry when using this device as you can set the energy guard so that various other important applications, such as back up programs and anti-virus scans will run until completed before the PC is powered down during the day time or weekend.

The following are some features of the PC Energy Guard:

Instantly establish temporary solutions such

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Safeguarding Your Computer Against Electric Spikes

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Computers are undoubtedly a costly investment, and the skyrocketing prices of the hardware have added to the woes. Therefore, it becomes essential to take all necessary steps to protect the computer from potential damage. The best way to accomplish this is to use power surge protectors.

If you own a computer, you probably recognize the need to protect it from any damage that can commonly result from lightning strikes or a power surges. A sudden surge can damage the computer to a serious extent, resulting in the loss of all the important data stored in it.

To protect the computer against such harm, the best thing to use is a power surge protector. This electronic device is capable of maintaining a safe voltage level, thus minimizing the risk of damage. Almost all these protectors available these days feature multiple outlets. This feature makes these protectors ideal for computer systems which require multiple connectors for CPU, monitor, printer, speakers and other hardware.

There are different types of surge protectors available. They are:

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

This is a common type of surge protector where a metal oxide part is connected to the ground-line

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Ways To Save Electricity With PC Energy Guard

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Modern day computer can generally perform some energy saving tasks but finding the right applications could be a problem. However, if you are searching online you can find PC Energy Guard that will help you to save money and valuable time. It is possible to download this program easily and take advantage of the service for as much as 15 days.

Some auto-pilot features of PC Energy Guard:

Can schedule shut down, hibernation, stand by, restart and even log off activities.

It is easy to set schedules to run daily, every week on specific days or on specific days each month.

Notify your own PC to hold back while various other important applications such as anti-virus scans and data backup programs run until completed before the computer fully shuts down daily or on the weekend.

The majority of the laptops use approximately 15 to 60 watts, which is much less when compared with desktops. Generally devices might provide information on the label for you to determine the amount of energy they will use, yet it doesn’t work effectively with computer systems since the label provides the theoretical level instead of the regular amount


Recycling Old and Unwanted Computers to Salvage the Environment

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Many cities, cities and town-ships at the moment are dreaming in relation to laptop recycling as well as LCD TV recycling techniques to protect the natural environment and steer clear of conceivable land contamination. Since desktops consists of a lot of segments that may possibly discharge poison in to the soil, city governments are seeking different methods to dispose of your ancient laptop or computer systems as well as your complete unwanted electric hardware. This at some point can be a natural procedure as much more metropolis governments discover the potential hazard of throwing computer systems as well as all electronic merchandise into a dump. A lot of organizations can also be scattering your message in relation to laptop computer recycling and prefer to discover much better solutions to recycle the equipment.

In quite a few cities, you will find local electric shops or recycling centers that could take on your old and unwanted PC’s and various other electronics, dismantle all of them, as well as place the proper pieces in the suitable storage containers for removal. Using this method of removal will certainly quickly become a requirement simply because of the laptop or computer establishments continued

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What Everyone Should Know About Laptop Computer Batteries

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One of the most important parts of laptop computers are their batteries. Most of the newer laptop batteries have power duration of two and a half hours or may be a little bit more. However, just like any batteries, the one installed on laptops will gradually decrease its power duration to maybe half than what it used to have, and overtime, may even decrease further to a quarter of its advertised power duration. Everyone should know that the batteries on laptop computers are not what you may perceive as a perpetual power station. Artificial power sources are bound to lose its capacity and ability to retain the electrical power that is being poured into it by the charger.

For starters, most laptops have lithium or nickel type batteries which are capable of retaining the charged power for an approximate amount of time. When laptop computers are taken off the external alternating current, that is, unplugged from your regular wall socket, or experiences an electrical outage, it immediately switches to these batteries for power without having to go through a downtime period. Since the batteries were designed to immediately provide power when the need arises, it is susceptible


Reasons For Data Loss From Computer Hard Disks

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The last 20 years has brought about a proliferation of computer use in society. Technology is in a constant state of evolution and computer based activities are becoming increasingly integrated with their users’ lives. A number of years ago, it was unthought-of to conduct activities such as banking and shopping online. In addition to this, the vast communication possibilities that are now in existence are making the world a smaller place as people are using a multitude of messaging services such as MSN to stay in contact. The benefits of these highly sophisticated technologies are however, faced by numerous threats. Computers are, more than ever susceptible to malicious use in the forms of hackers, viruses and fraudulent activity. One of the reasons for this is that computers are responsible for storing large amounts of information. Aside from threats posed by malicious use, computers also face a number of issues from an architectural perspective. The vast majority of data stored on a computer is saved on the hard drive and although improvements are continuously being made in terms of their size and capacity, hard drives are always vulnerable to a great deal of stress. In turn, hard

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